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Judiciary of Guam
120 West O' Brien Drive
Hagatna, Guam 96910

Supreme Court of Guam:
(671) 475-3180 (671) 475-3162
eMail: efile@guamsupremecourt.com

Traffic Division:
(671) 475-3121, (671) 475-3424,
(671) 300-7092, (671) 300-7093
eMail: traffic@guamcourts.org

Small Claims: (671) 475-3424/3274

Records Division: (671) 475-3449
eMail: scog.records@guamcourts.org

Probation Services Division:
(671) 300-2174
eMail: rvaguon@guamcourts.gov

Special Process Server Program Coordinator:
(671) 475-3110
eMail: enaputi@guamcourts.gov

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